SmartBuy Lupus (SB010TB-T2552AA-25USB3-BK)


Boxing to connect 2.5 " SATA HDD USB 2.0/USB 3.0, USB powered, passive cooling

Main (SmartBuy Lupus (SB010TB-T2552AA-25USB3-BK))
The disk interface SATA
Form factor 2.5"
Number of discs 1
Interface for connection to PC USB 2.0, USB 3.0
The choice of interface automatically
Food USB
Housing material plastic
Body color black
Location horizontal
Cooling passive
Additionally (SmartBuy Lupus (SB010TB-T2552AA-25USB3-BK))
Boxing (SmartBuy Lupus (SB010TB-T2552AA-25USB3-BK))
The quick launch button
Trim USB 3.0 cable
Dimensions and weight (SmartBuy Lupus (SB010TB-T2552AA-25USB3-BK))
Length 103 mm
Width 70 mm
The thickness of the 10 mm
Weight 160 g
Card reader
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